How to Buy a Property

At Inmobiliaria Karcher we have over 17 years of experience in helping people to buy a property. Whether you wish for us to handle the sale for you or whether you wish to enlist the help of a solicitor; we will be there for you throughout each step of the way. 

Here are the steps that a purchase will take:

  1. FINDING A PROPERTY: Either in person or through this website, we listen to your requirements, budget and wishes. Properties will be found that “tick” all or almost all of the boxes. We will schedule viewings and accompany you to visit the properties of your choice.
  2. CHECKING ON A PROPERTY:  Once you have decided on a property we will do a thorough check/search.  All of the paperwork on the property will be made available to you and explained thoroughly so that this step of the purchase is also 100% clear to you (e.g., the status of the taxes, community fees, mortgages, utilities, encumbrances, current ownership and of the registration details in the Town Hall).  You will also be informed of all of the costs which will be involved after the purchase such as the Property Taxes, community fees, Transmission Taxes, etc.
  3. NIE NUMBER:  We personally take you to obtain your Spanish Fiscal Number (NIE).  This fiscal number is a prerequisite for purchasing a property in Spain.
  4. PRIVATE CONTRACT:  When you have chosen to buy a property, we will draw up a private contract which, once approved by both yourself and the vendor, will then be signed by each party.  The contracts will always be in Spanish and our office can provide translations in other languages.  The buyer must also pay a deposit (usually 10%) of the total purchase price either the same day that the contracts are signed or within the time stipulated in the contract.  Once the deposit has been paid, the property is then reserved for the buyer until the time that the Deeds can be signed in front of the Notary.  The private contract binds both parties to fulfill the contract and all of its clauses.  Should either party not fulfill the contract then there are penalties under the Spanish Civil Code that are applied (if the Buyer does not fulfill the contract then the deposit is lost, should the Vendor not fulfill the contract then  he is to give the Buyer his deposit back “doubled”).
  5. FINANCING:  Should you, as the buyer, need any financing; we can also help you to find the necessary and best financing.
  6. SIGNING OF THE DEEDS AT THE NOTARY:  When the financing and all of the necessary documents are in place; our office then makes an appointment with the Notary that is convenient for both parties.  We will accompany you to the Notary.  At the Notary the balance of the purchase price must be paid.  After this, the Vendor must give up all of the keys, utility contracts, etc. Then the Deeds must be taken to the Land Registry Office to be registered in the new owner´s name.
  7. POST PURCHASE (OPTIONAL):  Should you wish to take advantage of our services, we can also change the water and electricity contracts as well as start the procedure of the change for the Property Taxes.  One of our solicitors will also pay the Transmission/PurchaseTaxes to the Tax Authorities as well as pay the Notary and then take the Deed to be registered at the Land Registry Office.  

Once you come to live in our area there will always be other questions that will arise as you start to settle in to your new home and we will be happy to help you with recommendations, answers, etc.